A Vault Planet is a player's main planet, in which supplies the most resources.


Vault Planets are generally the biggest planet that an empire controls, for they have the most buildings. Home planets should not be a Vault, because Vault Planets should be kept over 200 fields. Vault Planets should be Colonized on slot positions 4,5, and 6 in old universes, and slot positions 7, 8, and 9 in redesigned universes, as they are the largest planets. The highest levels of Mines should built on your vault, and should have many defenses to prevent raids. High level Facilities should also be built, as a Vault Planet should build most of your fleets, defenses, and do most of the research. Your Vault Planet should also supplies resources to the rest of your planets.

If you are a Turtler, you should keep your Vault Planet near you other planets, so you can quickly help planets that are being attacked. Additionally, by keeping your Vault near your other planets, your other planets can quickly aid your vault. If you are a turtler, planets should be kept together to help your other planets. Vault Planets are mainly used by Turtlers and Miners.

For a Fleeter however, your planets should be spread out so that you won't be frequently attacked. In that case, it is unnecessary to have a vault planet. You should have a balanced amount of buildings and ships on each planet.


  • If you are playing in a redesigned universe, it is suggested that you colonize your Vault Planet on slot position 8, as it has the most balanced temperature, so you can have a good amount of both Deuterium and Energy from Solar Satellites. Also, position 8 planets have the largest Field Count. If you are playing in an old universe, it's up to personal preference. The largest planets in old universes supply more energy from Solar Satellites.

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