The Tutorial is the first new quest within OGame, designed to help new players understand the basic resources, facilities, research, ships, and defenses, as well as several other aspects of the game, and provides simple rewards for each stage of completion (from small amounts of resources to ships to dark matter). There are currently a total of 10 stages of tasks within the Tutorial. It is worth to note that the tasks can be completed in any order.

Tasks Table Edit

Stage Task(s) Reward(s)
1. Basic Supply Metal Mine: 4, Crystal Mine: 2, Solar Power Plant: 4 Metal: +150, Crystal: +75
2. Planet Defense Deuterium Synthesizer: 2, Robotics Fact: 2, Shipyard: 1, Rocket Launcher: 1 +1 Rocket Launcher
3. Planet Supplies Metal Mine: 10, Crystal Mine: 7, Deut. Synth: 5 Metal: +2000, Crystal: +500
4. The First Ship Research Lab: 1, Combustion Drive: 1, Small Cargo: 1 Deuterium: +200
5. Information Networks Rename a Planet, Create a Buddy Request, Join an Alliance with 3+ members Dark Matter: 3,500 (see Stage 6)
6. Trader Any Storage/Tank: 1, Use Merchant (-3,500 Dark Matter) +1 on Resource Storage space
7. Fleet Action Espionage Probe: 1, Spy on another Planet Espionage Probe: +2
8. Deep Space Go on an Expedition Heavy Fighter: +2, Small Cargo: +5
9. Expanding Your Empire Found a new colony Commander for 3 days
10. Debris Field Dismantle a Debris Field Recycler: +1

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