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Tactical retreat is a feature added in the Origin Universe on It makes a defending fleet "flee" if the attacking fleet has more than five times as many points as the defending fleet. Espionage Probes, Solar Satellites, and Death Stars are unable to flee, and defense is not counted in the calculation. The defending fleet will also not flee if there is not enough deuterium present on the planet. The amount of deuterium needed to flee is displayed along with the other options on the fleet tab.

Tactical Retreat can be set to trigger at 5:1 or Never for regular players, and players with Admiral can set it to trigger at 3:1 or 4:1 as well.

As far as I can tell, the equation used to determine fleet point ratios is:

Retreat Ratio Fleet Points = Fleet points of combat ships + (Fleet points of cargo ships / 4)

This has been tested only three times and holds for Small Cargo Ships, Large Cargo Ships, Light Fighters, Heavy Fighters, and Cruisers.

If a defending fleet is able to retreat due to the used ratio then it will use as much dueterium as it needs to get away form the planet just for the second while the planet gets attacked and the fleet will then return to the planet after the attack, this will also send a messgae to the defending player notifying him on how much deuterium is used in the flee.


  • Does this equation hold for other types of ships?
  • What do Solar Satellites and Espionage Probes count for in points?
  • Is this equation even accurate?
  • Where does the defending fleet flee to?


  • There are only 3 categories of ships:
  1. Combat ships (obviously all fighters, cruisers, battleships, bomber usw.). All of them count 100% of their production costs.
  2. Civil ships (recycler, cargos, colonyships). All of them count 25% of their production costs.
  3. Defense, solarsats, probes don't count at all.
  • The deut-consumption (allowing a fleet to escape) formula is given by:

Deutconsumption = 0.5*Fleetholdingcosts for one hour

If you have any more information or find that this equation is false, please update it.

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