The metal cost plus the crystal cost of a ship or defense unit. The structural integrity divided by 10 is the hull plating of the ship or defence unit.

Structural Integrity by Unit Edit

Ship Structural Integrity
Espionage Probe 1,000
Solar Satellite 2,000
Small Cargo Ship 4,000
Light Fighter 4,000
Heavy Fighter 10,000
Large Cargo Ship 12,000
Recycler 16,000
Cruiser 27,000
Colony Ship 30,000
Battle Ship 60,000
Battlecruiser 70,000
Death Star 9,000,000
Defense Structural Integrity
Rocket Launcher 2,000
Light Laser 2,000
Heavy Laser 8,000
Ion Cannon 8,000
Small Shield Dome 20,000
Gauss Cannon 35,000
Plasma Turret 100,000
Large Shield Dome 100,000

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