Statistics Edit

Statistics are just a way of making the game more of a competition rather than people just going are crashing each other. Used to, only the top 1500 got their name added to this list, but now everyone is included on the statistics page. To get there you simply click the statistic link in the middle of your menu bar. Above Search and under Officer's Casino.

Grouping of Statistics Edit

There are three ways you can view statistics. The first and the default way is by points. The second way is to look at fleet sizes. The points reflect how many ships are in their fleet. The last way is to look at their research. This shows you their total points from all their research. To change to the different types of Statistics you simply click the drop down arrow and select which one you would like to look at. You can also do the same with what number you want to see. They are grouped with 100 names in each page.

Strategy Edit

You can use this to your advantage by figuring out their research(if you want to take the time) or if they are a turtle. You can see this by if they have no fleet but they have a large amount of points. There are different ways to use this to your advantage but remember, your enemies can also see your scores and rank too.

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