The StartSim is an extremly useful tool for OGame-players. It is used to optimize and test tactics for the extremely important first hours in a new universe. One can test new tactics and compare them to old good-working ones. The program was designed to test tactics for the fast building of a Small Cargo Ship which then is usually used to start the early raids. So the developers decided not to expand the StartSim much futher. Before the startsim tactic-optimization was a very time-wasting process now you can test, modify your tactics within seconds.

Since version 1.0.2 there is an complete Language-Managament-System included, so by now there are english, polish, portuguese and german language-files available. The creation of new language-files is extremly easy. Create a copy of one of the *.lang files in the StartSim-folder (i.e. ".../startsim/languages/german.lang") and modify all the entries

Example: CONTINUE="Continue..." --> CONTINUE="Go on..."

Creation Edit

The heart of the StartSim was developed within two days of hard work. The developement of all the features (skin-support, sleeptimes, multi-language-support, etc...), along with the design of the GUI took several weeks. On October 6th, 2006 the StartSim was released to the Public on the manufacturers homepage. Some hours later there already was news in the german ogame-board.

Usage Edit

For a simulation it is necessary to input some information on the situation you want to simulate. Mostly that would be the buildorder and the temperature of the planet. Changing the buildorder is pretty easy, simply drag'n'drop the pictures to the left list. By default the planet-temperature is set to '-29° to 11°'. All settings can be change in the settings-window, according to thessay, which can be accessed via the menu. When you made a decision on a buildorder you simply have to click the "Start-Simulation"-Button right below the build-list. Instantly you get the total time needed to work out your chosen buildorder. The right list now contains a bunch of information, like all the times you have to start the specific building, which resource caused the delay, the points at the end, etc...

Further settings, like adding sleeptimes, the change in mine-productivity (since v1.0.2) are for advanced users. At first you should just play around a bit. On the first view the GUI seems to be a bit overloaded, but soon you will see that everything is at the right place and is reachable within at a maximum of two clicks.

Features Edit

  • Save/Load of the build orders (settings and sleep times are also saved)
  • Free chooseable skin Local/Web-Skin
  • Choosable sleep times
  • Calculation of productivity, already when dropping a building to the build list
  • wake-up-function, so you never miss a building-start

Weblinks Edit

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