Shield power measures the damage that a unit can withstand each round until the Hull Plating is damaged.

Every unit has a shield: an electromagnetic "cover" that absorbs part of the inflicting damage. Every time a unit gets shot, the damage is partially or completely(depending on shield strength) absorbed by the unit's shield, thus protecting the Hull Plating. The relevance of the shield is that its is restored in the end of each round.

For a unit with Basic Shield Strength (SBase, see table bellow for values), and shield technology level STech, its shield power (SPow) on each round is

\text{SPow} = \text{SBase}\times\left(1+0.1\text{STech}\right)

Special CasesEdit

If the firing ship's attack power has less than 1% of the defending ship's shield power, the shot is deflected by the shields. Example: A Light Fighter has 50 Attack Power, while a Death Star has 50,000 Shield Power. Thus the Light Fighter's attack power is 0.1% of the Death Star's shield power, and therefore the Light Fighter's shots at the Death Star will be deflected.

This is known as the Bouncing Effect.

Basic Shield Strength of unitsEdit

Ship Basic Shield Strength
Death Star 50,000
Destroyer 500
Bomber 500
Battle Ship 200
Battlecruiser 400
Cruiser 50
Heavy Fighter 25
Light Fighter 10
Colony Ship 100
Large Cargo Ship 25
Small Cargo Ship 10
Recycler 10
Solar Satellite1
Espionage Probe 0.01
Defense Basic Shield Strength
Plasma Turret 300
Gauss Cannon 200
Heavy Laser 100
Ion Cannon 500
Light Laser 25
Rocket Launcher 20
Small Shield Dome 2,000
Large Shield Dome 10,000

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