On the left hand side of the screen, you will see a Small Tab which says search.

You can click on this to find:

  • Player names,
  • Homeplanet name,
  • Current Score and Rank of an Alliance, as well as how many Members the alliance has
  • Alliance Tag
  • Current Score and Rank of a player if they are in the top 1500,
  • Fleet score of an alliance
  • Fleet score of a top 1500 player
  • Research score of an alliance
  • Research score of a top 1500 player and Coordinates of their main planet.

The Search tool is useful for finding out if a player that you want to attack is stronger than you, has a bigger fleet, or belongs to a strong and vengeful alliance.
The search tool is also used for searching for an alliance name or tag to make an application to that alliance.

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