Resource Hiding is a strategy that makes a planet appear as though it does not have as many resources as it actually does. A player might wish to do this if they are saving up for an expensive technology or building so that they will not be the target of raids.

To Resource Hide the player starts to research a technology or build a building that requires less resources than their Goal (the expensive research/building that they are saving for). This way the resources are "spent" and do not show up in espionage reports. The player then cancels the research or building before it is fully completed. That way, the resources appear back on the stockpile (and can thus be spied on again). The player then does this again until the resources for the Goal are saved up and the Goal can be built.

Don't forget to use this strategy only by researching a technology or building a building. If you spend your resources on ships or defense structures, you won't be able to get them back.

Tips: In order to use this technique correctly, research and building time should be at least 4 hours (Days would be preferred) so that the player can stop the production in the amount time allowed. High research and building levels are the best way to store resources.

Building and Hiding resources:

  • Jump Gate Level 2  - Long wait time, can store 4M Metal, 8M Crystal, 4M Deuterium
  • High Level Nanite - After level 4 can store 16M Metal, 8M crystal, 1.6M Deut
  • It should be noted that resource buildings can be used to resource hide, but it is a riskier method espically if you have short build times from high Nanite Factories

Research and Hiding Resources:

  • Almost all researches at higher levels are very effective for resource saving, this is because of long wait times and usually more variety for storing Crystal and Deuterium
  • Specifically Good Researches(because of their unique ratios of resources) at High levels are:

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