The resettlement gives you the option to move your planet and moon onto a new position.

Some facts about it: Edit

  • both the planet and moon will be moved
  • ships on the planet and moon will travel to the new location (without deuterium costs)
  • relocation starts a 24 hour timer and at the end of the timer the planet will be moved
  • planet and moon will only be moved if there is no active building or research in progress and no new colony on the selected position
  • if the timer is green, the planet will be moved, if the planet will fail relocation, the timer will turn red
  • if all fleet movement, building, and/or research are completed before the timer finishes, the timer will return to green and the move will go through
  • i.e. if you have a fleetsave returning/building completing/research ending in 17 hours 38 minutes and your relocation will happen in 17 hours and 45 minutes, the actions will resolve before the relocation timer is up and the relocation will go through.
  • if the planet is part of the intergalatic research network but the research is started on another planet, it will not interfere with the move
  • you can only attempt to move a planet once per 24h (even if it fails)
  • multiple planets may be moved simultaneously
  • jump gate on the moon deactivates for 24h after the move
  • incoming attacking/supporting fleet won´t block the movement, fleets will return after reaching empty position
  • you can only move to empty position
  • you can only move to similar position (i.e. from position 1 only to 1, 2 and 3)
  • the movement range is 1-3, 4-12, 13-15
  • temperature and planet picture will be changed, planet size stays the same.

A successful resettlement costs 240k Dark Matter.

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