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A Redesigned Universe is one that has the new interface, as seen in the picture to the right. It is also known as OGame version 1.0. As of 1st September 2010 all old universes have been changed to redesigned.

OGame Redesign 1.0 Layout

Main changes Edit

  • Many of the images have been recreated, e.g. for technologies, buildings and ships.
  • The appearance. Building and technology boxes now slide up, and other graphical tweaks.
  • Astrophysics (instead of Expedition Technology).
  • Colonizing has changed dramatically. Please see Colonizing in Redesign Universes.
  • Deuterium and energy bonuses on planets has been enlarged.
  • Resources sent with a colony ship will be added to the colony.
  • The 50 energy per Solar Satellite cap has been lifted.
  • Storage container capacities have been decreased and the price was cut in half. The starting capacity of each container is 10.000 the new system gives more capacity after level 8. assuming you would be talking cost efficient. at level 11 it,s larger than the old level 11
  • The Alliance Combat System has been slightly altered.
  • Current resources are now shown in real-time instead of at page refresh.
  • Buildings page is cut into halves - Resources and Facilities
  • Messages page now only contains links to a single message (which is an in-page pop-up).
  • Events are removed from overview page but now there is a mini events part in every page except galaxy page. That mini events part contains count of your, friendly and hostile events and detalied information about closest event. This part also contains a link to an in-page pop-up which contains detailed information about all events (like old events at overview page)(You can access same place with the little icon near the "Overview" link).
  • Also Planet List are removed from overview page but theres a planet list in every single page.
  • Espionage Probes aren't sent to the galaxy view without informing a player.
  • Due to large amounts of Javascript and graphical enhancements, views and screens tend to load much slower after a Redesign than previous causing perceived lag time between screenloads. This has been tested using DSL, T1, and T3 connections.

Universes Edit

Main Article: List of Universes

The new interface was trialed on Universe 42. It was then rolled out into the named universes once some bugs were fixed.

Universe Name Alternative Name Universe Release Date Speed
Universe 42 2x
Andromeda Universe 44 4th August 2009 1x
Barym Universe 45 5th August 2009 3x
Capella Universe 46 24th August 2009 1x
Draco Universe 47 8th October 2009 1x
Electra Universe 48 10th November 2009 4x
Fornax Universe 49 2nd February 2010 1x
Gemini Universe 50 15th July 2010 2x
Hydra Universe 51 21st September 2010 1x
Io Universe 52 19th January 2011 1x
Jupiter Universe 53 19th April 2011 2x
Kassiopeia Universe 54 12th July 2011 1x
Leo TBA 3rd November 2011 1x
Mizzar TBA 22nd February 2012 2x
Nekkar Universe 114 14th May 2012


Orion Universe 115 12th July 2012 1x
Pegasus Universe 116 3rd October 2012 1x
Quantum Universe 117 17th December 2012 5x
Rigel Universe 118 4th March 2013 1x
Sirius Universe 119 16th May 2013 1x
Economy Speed Fleet Speed
Taurus Universe 120 16th July 2013 3x 1x
Ursa Universe 121 24th September 2013 3x 1x
Japetus Universe 136 24th August 2015 3x 1x

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