(It should be noted that this appears to be a parody. You lose significant growth spending time in v-mode [Vaction Mode] as you gain NO PROGRESS on research times, build times, shipyard queues, and your mines produce no resources.) 

Prat is a style of play that is slightly different from all others. 

A Prat is summed up on these points:

  1. They never build any defenses.
  2. Whenever they are not online, they almost always use Vacation Mode.
  3. They are similar to a miner and a fleeter combined.

A Prat uses Small Cargoes or Light Fighters as their ships. They always fleetsave, and because they use Vacation mode, they are never surprised. A trademark is always having enough Cargoes to carry away their supplies, thus enabling them to always leave zero supplies on their planet. The light fighters are left for moonshots, and depending on the players skill, Recyclers can be used to obtain the debris field.

Advantage over all other stylesEdit

Because this style abuses Vacation mode, they are always able to avoid being hit when they do not want to be. They build large fleets, but do not have to worry about being fleetcrashed.

Once a Prat has a high enough amount of supplies, they convert into more of a miner, building very high mines to gain enormous amounts of supplies in a short amount of time.


Since a Prat does not use war ships, a large missile silo and well developed Nanite Factory allow them to manufacture missiles and defeat defenses without much trouble. Their other main form of combat may be Deathstars if they possess them, although these are not normally built until after a Prat has many moons with jumpgates, thus enabling them to fleetsave.


A Prat has no weaknesses, because once they have moons, They can use Jumpgates or send their fleets out to a Debris field from their moon when they are researching something (having one Recycler), thus enabling them to avoid being tracked in any way.

Only an outside of game event could possibly leave a Prat open.

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