A Miner is a type of player which spends most of their resources on buildings to keep a good economy. A Miner is similar to a Turtle's head, as it has a relaxed playing style. Miners should have very high level Mines to supply their resources. Miners can also build lots of defenses to keep their resources safe, similarly to Turtles.

Later in the game, a Miner can switch to a Turtle or Fleeter, as their Buildings are already at high levels, and cost considerably more.

Miners should research economically, like researching Energy Technology and Espionage Technology. Miners should also research for buildings, like Nanite Factory.

Mass Terraforming is a rare thing that high-ranked miners can do. It usually consists of a planet near position 15 with or without a moon which is used for mining Deuterium. If the planet has a moon, it's commonly turned into a turtle moon to save up as many fields on the planet as possible.

Layout of Facilities:

Robotics Factory Lvl 10

Shipyard Lvl 2

Nanite Factory Lvl 4+

Missile Silo Lvl 2>4

Terraformer Lvl 1>8

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