Light Laser
Light Laser
Cost Metal: 1500
Crystal: 500
Deuterium: 0
Structural Integrity: 2000
Shield Power: 25
Weapon Power: 100
Rapid Fire Destroyer10
Bomber 20
Death Star 200

The Light Laser is the second Defensive Structure that most players can build. It's used as fodder at all stages of the game, much like the Rocket Launcher, but is better in several ways. All the ships with Rapid Fire against the Light Laser are relatively slow. Light Lasers also have a higher weapon power than Rocket Launchers. Although the weapon power is only 25% higher, fodder is built in much larger numbers than anything else, and the difference quickly becomes rather significant.

In the early- to mid-game, light lasers will serve you well as fodder. 100 Light Lasers are sufficient to repel 20 Cruisers, while 100 Rocket Launchers will be demolished by 20 Cruisers.

The two downsides of the Light Laser are that it costs crystal in addition to metal, while Rocket Launchers cost only metal (if you go by a 3:2:1 ratio, the Light Laser is 25% more expensive, bringing it to the same cost-per-power ratio as the Rocket Launcher), and it is weak against Destroyers, while the Heavy Laser and Ion Cannon are not. Thus, due to their 'balanced' cost between Metal and Crystal, building Light Lasers is the best way to deploy a large amount of firepower and 'fodder units'.



To keep pace with the ever increasing speed of development in terms of spacecraft technology, scientists had to come up with a new kind of defence system able to deal with stronger and better equipped ships and her firepower of modern ships. Because a low price of the unit was an essential design goal, the base structure has not been improved compared to the missile launcher.

Because the light laser offers most bang for the buck, it is the best known defence system as it is used by small, emerging empires and large multi-galactic empires equally.

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