Import export

The Import/Export is a page found in the Merchant Tab, where you can purchase containers containing boosters. These boosters can be bought for a price. Metal is worth 1, crystal 1.5 and deuterium 3.

The boosters are for resource production or buildings/ships/research completion time.

  • Kraken - speeds up the construction of buildings
  • Detroid - speeds up the production of ships
  • Newtron - reduces research time

These three item exists in bronze level (30 m), silver level (2 h) and gold level (6 h) and are available only here, from the auctioneer, or from missions during special events.

Every 24 hours a new item becomes available to purchase from the Import/Export merchant. The items are randomized and if you do not purchase the item before the 24 hours are up then the crate vanishes and a new one appears, so it is a good idea to check once a day.

Bronze-level boosters typically cost 35.000-60.000 metal, silver 130.000-165.000 metal, and gold around 360.000-450.000 metal.  Bronze boosters are more common than silver ones, which are more common than gold ones in a roughly 9:3:1 ratio.  Also resource production boosters seem to be more common than shipyard/construction/research speedups, at a roughly 3:1 ratio.

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