Base Cost
Metal: 0
Crystal: 4,000
Deuterium: 2,000
Energy: 0
Hyperspace Technology

Hyperspace technology allows research into propulsion systems that power much larger ships and also allows for much faster travel with better fuel efficiency. This technology also allows for instantaneous data transfer at higher levels, allowing several planets to collaborate on important projects.

Researching Hyperspace Technology beyond level 8 currently has no known benefit.

Description Edit

In theory, the idea of hyperspace travel relies on the existence of a separate and adjacent dimension. When activated, a hyperspace drive shunts the starship into this other dimension, where it can cover vast distances in an amount of time greatly reduced from the time it would take in "normal" space. Once it reaches the point in hyperspace that corresponds to its destination in real space, it re-emerges.
Once a sufficient level of Hyperspace Technology is researched, the Hyperspace Drive is no longer just a theory.

Requirements Edit

Prerequisite For Edit

Level Table Edit

Upgrade Cost Cost of Sum
Level Metal Crystal Deuterium Metal Crystal Deuterium
1 0 4,000 2,000 0 4,000 2,000
2 0 8,000 4,000 0 12,000 6,000
3 0 16,000 8,000 0 28,000 14,000
4 0 32,000 16,000 0 60,000 30,000
5 0 64,000 32,000 0 124,000 62,000
6 0 128,000 64,000 0 252,000 126,000
7 0 256,000 128,000 0 508,000 254,000
8 0 512,000 256,000 0 1,020,000 510,000

See Also Edit

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