Hull Plating measures the damage that a unit can receive in combat before being destroyed.

In combat, ships give and receive damage. The amount of damage a unit can sustain before being destroyed is given by the Hull Plating.

Every unit has a basic value of Hull Plating, which is 1/10th of the ship Structural Integrity (the sum of metal plus crystal used in its production). Besides, each technological upgrade of the Armour Technology gives more 10% of that base value.

It is important to notice that the combat engine gives a probability of a ship exploding proportional to the percentage of the left Hull. This means that a ship can explode even if it still has 50% left of its initial hull (see combat for more detailed explanation on this).

The initial Hull plating of a unit in the beginning of a combat is given by

 \text{Hull Plating} = \left(1 + \frac{\text{Armor Technology}}{10}\right) \cdot {\frac{\text{Metal}+\text{Crystal}}{10}}

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