A Grakk is a sometimes used term for a costly, painful or embarassing error made in game or in real life, 


Sending off a fleet save and going to bed only to find out you left all your res on the moon.  A Grakk.

Falling asleep and losing a friends fleet you are supposed to vmode.  A Grakk.

Sending  rips to destroy a mate's gravitron sats (before scrap merchant option was available) and wiping the moon defenses out, instead of targeting the planet.  is a Grakk.

Minimum Requirement:Edit

Not every error is a Grakk.  The error needs to, when told to friends, elicit a laugh, cringe, shock or anger.  The only exception to this minimum rule is once you become known for your Grakks.  In this case, an eye-roll or head shake can be enough to indicate a Grakk has occured.

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