Main Fleet Screen Edit

This is the first screen you see after Fleet from the main Interface.

The first heading lists the number of Fleet Slots you have. Underneath it lists your active fleet missions. It will list the Mission the fleet is on, the start and destination Coordinates, and the ETA in Server Time. From here you can also press the Recall button to return the fleet back to its starting coordinates.

The lower portion: New Mission, allows you to select ships for a new fleet and mission. Either enter the number of each ship manuall, hit max for the maximum number of a certain ship, or all ships to include all available ships in the fleet. Hit no ships to reset the count back to 0. Finally hit proceed for further options.

Send Fleet Edit

This screen allows you to pick a destination, as well as speed of the fleet. You can manual enter a coordinate into the top portion or send a fleet to one of your own planets by clicking the shortlink at the bottom. You must also decide whether to send the fleet to the Planet, the Debris Field (DF), or Moon. Different missions are available for each.

You can also select the speed at which the fleet travels. This will be a percentage of the fleets slowest ship's speed. Going slower allows you to time missions more precisely for timed Attacks or Fleetsaving. Going slower also uses less fuel, and so is used both to increase range of the fleet or save deuterium.

When ready, press proceed.

Mission Edit

From here you choose what Mission fleet will be performing. You can also choose if you want to bring any resources for transport. This is generally only used for transport, or deployment, but also used for Fleetsaving recycle missions. Once you click proceed here, the deuterium is used, and the fleet is sent.

Fleet Sent Edit

The next screen gives an overview of information on the newly-launched Fleet. It gives destination, mission, ETA, among other information.

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