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Base Cost
Metal: 4.000
Crystal: 8.000
Deuterium: 4.000
Energy: 0

NOTE: In the redesign universes this technology is known as Astrophysics and its article will be more informative for you to read.

NOTE: This technology cannot be researched anymore as it has been replaced on all old universes with the redesign technology Astrophysics. This page contains data and information on the old Expedition technology, only for the sake of OGame history.

Astrophysics and Expedition Technologies

Used to send expeditions to Outer Space, a new feature in 0.78. Each level allows the expedition to hold (explore) for an hour longer and the number of fleets on expedition missions allowed at the same time is the square root of research level rounded down.





1-3 1
4-8 2
9-15 3
16-24 4

Level Table Edit

Level Upgrade cost
Metal Crystal Deuterium
1 4,000 8,000 4,000
2 7,000 14,000 7,000
3 12,300 24,500 12,300
4 21,400 42,900 21,400
5 37,500 75,000 37,500
6 65,700 131,300 65,700
7 114,900 229,800 114,900
8 201,100 402,100 201,100
9 351,900 703,700 351,900
10 615,700 1,231,500 615,700
11 1,077,600 2,155,100 1,077,600
12 1,885,700 3,771,500 1,885,700
13 3,300,000 6,600,000 3,300,000
14 5,775,000 11,550,100 5,775,000
15 10,106,300 20,212,600 10,106,300
16 17,686,000 35,372,100 17,686,000


Is Required For:

In-Game Description:

  • The Expedition Technology includes several scan researches and allows the equipment of different spaceships with research modules. Those include a database and a fully functional mobile laboratory. To assure the security of the ship during dangerous research situations, the research module uses its own energy supply and a energy field generator which creates a powerful force field around the research module during an emergency.

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