In this article I have gathered all the pros, cons and opinions from Ogame Wiki and decided to put them into one; easy to read page. Note; this page is primarily for combat ships (e.g. Light Fighters and not civil ships (e.g. Recyclers).


Small Cargo
Small Cargo

Small Cargo


Capacity: 5.000 units

Weakness(es): EVERYTHING (1 hit KO- Rocket Launcher & better)

Speed: 5.000 (10.000- Impulse Drive lv5)

Fuel: 10 (20)

Large CargoEdit

Capacity: 25.000 units

Weakness(es): Heavy Laser & better (1 hit KO- Heavy Laser & better)

Speed: 7.500

Fuel: 10


Finch1996 19:26, May 28, 2012 (UTC)

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