Empire View Sum

Image for the total sum column of the empire view.

The empire view is your empire at a glance, whereupon all your planets and their resources are shown on one page.

How do you get it? Edit

Empire view is one of the features available if you purchase premium Commander service. After this upgrade, the menu option is added in the menu bar on the left side. Additionally, you could purchase the Commander service using Dark Matter which can be obtained by buying it or by sending expeditions into Outer Space, which is located in slot 16.

The view layout Edit

The full syndication of your possession, wealth and power (your empire), be it one planet or up to nine (depending on how many worlds you have colonized as you are advancing in the game), is represented through a numbers of fields (e.g. metal or number of ships), level of research or building at present as well as hourly production quotas. Items (e.g. Fusion Reactor) are listed in rows and planets are listed in columns.

The situation when elements under your command are in production or upgrade at the moment of viewing, is represented with the incrementing level of such production shown in next to the present index.

Benefits Edit

With this features of the Commander account, you benefit solely by presentation. However, your decision-making dynamics may be improved for large operations, as you can spend more time on plotting actions (e.g. shifting resources) rather than on browsing.

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