Electra Public Galaxy Tool

After making myself a Galaxy Tool (hearby refered to as"GT") for universe Electra, I quickly realized what a waste of effort it would be if I was the only one using it. I have made the GT now public for all to access.

For those of you unfamiliar with Galaxy Tool:

". . .Galaxytool allows players or alliances to create and manage a map of their universe and store reports/statistics/notes on various aspects of the game. With this tool you can get information which ogame does not give you directly by actively updating your galaxytool. . ."

The addon needed to operate GT can be found at:

Full instructions on set up can be found at: The specific options for this GT are:


Galaxytool URL:

Username and Password: Your username and password for the Galaxy Tool, NOT your ogame username and password.

Registration for GT can be found at:

On one final note, if you use this tool, be sure to set up addon needed to operate it correctly. The more users contributing to this GT, the more accurate and useful it will be to everyone. When you do register please be patient on your account being validated by an admin. I will likely only do it once or twice per day.

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