The distance between each galaxy, solar systems, and planets determines the length of time it takes to travel between them.

Travel from Galaxy G1 to Galaxy G2

The distance from any planet in one galaxy to a planet in a different galaxy is 20,000\times|G_2-G_1|. e.g. to travel from any planet in galaxy 3 to a planet in galaxy 6 is 20,000\times|6-3|=60,000

Travel from System S1 to System S2

The distance from any planet in one system to any planet in a different system is 2,700+95\times|S_2-S_1|. e.g. to travel from any planet in system 30 to a planet in system 35 is: 2,700+95\times|35-30|=3,175

Travel from Planet P1 to Planet P2

The distance between two planets in the same system is 1,000 + 5\times|P_2-P_1|. e.g. to travel from planet 3 to planet 6 in the same system is 1,000+5\times|6-3|=1,015

Duration of Flight

T=10 + 3500\sqrt{\frac{10\cdot D}{V}}

T is the flight time of the fleet in seconds, where D is the flight distance as calculated above and V is the speed of the slowest ship in the fleet. Divide the above with the speed factor you have chosen. Please note that due to rounding there might be a small discrepancy between T and "duration of flight" displayed.

Interestingly, the velocity of a fleet contributes with its square-root. So, although some ships might be four times as fast as others, their flight time is just half as long as the one of the slower ship.

Another interesting point is that when you reduce the speed of the journey in the "Fleet Dispatch II" screen (using the speed % dropdown box) you are not really reducing the speed of the ship, but increasing the total flight time

An amusing point of interest regarding the System to System transit, is that to go from system 1 to 249 takes longer than to go from system 1 to system 249 in a galaxy only 1 away.

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