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An OGame clone is a game that shares similarities with OGame (either in terms of gameplay, aestethic, or even as a general game idea). It is most often made by other publishers, unrelated to Gameforge. These games are hosted on private servers, where you can also find Clone builders, where all the other clones are based from, like 2Moons, XOrbit or Galaxy of Masters. The package is distributed free. It is OpenSource and is based on PHP and MySQL or .NET and MYSQL.

A list of OGame clones can be found at

Clones of the game also exist for mobile devices. At least one, Galaxy Empire, is popular enough to have its own wiki.

The best and most populated Ogame clone right now is Stellar Universe. However, like many clones, it tends to suffer from poor English localization.

In Russia, a popular clone is xCraft, a Starcraft themed variant with a number of radical changes such as multiple races with different gameplay, a storyline, controllable battles and an infinite universe.

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