All "Resource Hideouts" or "Dens" work in essencially the same way, they protect a certain amount of your stored resrouces from being taken when a planet is attacked.

As described in game:

Basic: A portion of the metal/crystal/deuterium stocks will be stored here safe from plundering. The Den does not expand the overall storage capacity.

Detail: The capacity of the Metal/Crystal/Deuterium Den shows how much metal/crystal/deuterium is protected from plundering. The better the Den is upgraded, the more resources can be protected from attackers. Espionage probes are able to detect the upgrade level of a Den as well as the amount of hidden resources. The storage capacity is not expanded as a result of the Den.

Cost To BuildEdit

Shielded Metal Den Underground Crystal Den Seabed Deuterium Den
Base Cost Shielded Metal Den Underground Crystal Den Seabed Deuterium Den
Metal 1150 1150 1150
Crystal 0 575 1150

This has not been confirmed but tentatively the upgrade cost Equation seems to be:

 {Cost} = {RoundDown}({Base}*2.3^{Level})

Each level of Den also require one "building slot" from your planet's total size.

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