(PERHAPS FOR REDESIGN UNIVERSES ONLY): These colonies require gradual development, as well as the most expenses for their development. In the long run, however, they are well worth it. They are not only used for producing mass resources with their high mine developments, but also used for building as well as researching ships, defenses, and researches independently on their own due to their mass facility developments in response to their mass resource productions.

The idea revolves around both flexibility in mind as well as the planet's overall field count - as long as the planet exceeds the homeworld's field count of 163 (planets exceeding 200 fields is the ideal max, which is generally positions 7 - 9 in the redesign), the colony can be developed into a self-sustaining world before the need of a Terraformer, unlike the homeworld. They will lack in purpose as Graviton and Deuterium colonies, but they will excel in fleet/defense construction, resource mining, and research development all in one due to their simultaneous resource and facility structures' developments. Fleetsaving between multiples of these colonies will heighten their efficiency, as well as establishing two classes:

1.) "Front Lines": These are your worlds established in the most active regions of your universe. They are developed with both high resource structures for mass resource production as well as high facility structures to build any and all ships and defenses as well as research any and all researches. During times of war and heavy enemy raiding, however, they can be easily shut down in resource production. Ships/defenses, and researches could still be built and researched due to high facility developments as well as fleetsaving.

2.) "Remotes": These are your worlds established in the most desolate/remote regions of your universe. These are also developed with both high facility levels and high resource structures as well, yet due to their secrecy within your universe, they serve as your "reinforcement worlds" for the "Front Lines". Fleets destroyed and resources shut down on "Front Line" worlds can be immediately replaced from "Remotes", due to their independent ability of producing their own mass resources as well as their own ships - all thanks to their isolation outside of the combat zone. "Remote" worlds that rarely ever see the fighting are key to aiding "Front Line" worlds in combat. They could be compared to the HALO world "REACH" - while the "Front Line" worlds lose their defenses, ships, and resources, "Remotes" constantly build up their own ships, defenses, and even continue resource production as well as research upgrades as the war progresses. Should their locations ever be discovered (perhaps an inevitable thing, for as long as you are fighting, each of your worlds are bound to be discovered eventually), these worlds will be ready for the assault when it comes, and will put up one hell of a fight before it falls (just like "REACH" >D). It's ideal for them to have more defenses and ships on them than the "Front Lines" in preparation of their discovery and eventual attacks.

You'll still need a Graviton colony as well as a Deuterium colony if you are driving for one and thirsty for the other, but the Independent Colonies are all-around, multi-use, goldie-locks-zone-like colonies where they don't serve just one purpose alone. Fleetsaving is still advised of course, as you won't always need defenses on these worlds - depending on how active they are in enemy raids and combat, as well as their locations - as well as, though they produce their own abundance of resources on their own, they will still need assists from other worlds when things get more and more expensive as they develop. The idea is for them to be flexible - being able to not only produce their own abundance of resources on their own, but to also build ships/defenses and research researches immediately on their own as well when other worlds of yours cannot. They are the efficient "Swiss Army Knife" worlds in the universe.

Lastly, Moons established for each Independent world will be like the icing on a cake. Ships built on the "Remote" worlds or their Moons can instantly Jump Gate to "Front Line" worlds' Moons safely and efficiently to continue the war effort. Fleetsaving between both classes of worlds from their Moons will hide your fleets' movements from enemy Sensor Phalanxes, thereby keeping the locations of your "Remotes" further hidden from enemy forces.

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