The auctioneer screen, found in the merchant tab in game

The auctioneer is where you can get items that you would normally need dark matter bid resources and the last bid before the timer runs out win. Each auction ranges from 30 to 45 minutes 30 seconds. On the screen it will be stated as an approximate time so you do not know exactly what time the bid ends. Be careful when you are bidding as you do not get your resources back even if you are outbid by another player.

The bidding quantities are expressed in units of Metal. When one uses crystal or deuterium to bid, they are converted into their metal equivalent at the ratio 3:1.5:1. The minimum bid value and subsequent increments should be a minimum of 1000 units of metal. If you are flush with Honour Points you can use that for bidding - 1 HP = 100 Metal.

There are several items you can get from an auction, in different categories (gold, silver and bronze). Bronze are most common to appear on an auction, silver are uncommon and gold items are rare to appear on an auction. Planet fields don't seem to appear at the auctioneer.

DETROID lowers shipyard construction time, KRAKEN reduces building construction time and NEWTRON reduces research times. For construction items the effects are 6 hours for Gold, 2 hours for Silver and 30 Minutes for Bronze items. Furthermore, you can get boosters for each different resource - 30% for Gold, 20% for Silver and 10% for Bronze. The Auctioneer isn't great as an early player, but becomes more useful the more you expand your empire.

Bids on the auction are non-refundable. In competitive situations players wait until the dying moments of the auction to repeatedly outbid the highest bidder.

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