Use these on your Alliance page.

Desired effect Markup
Coloured text [fc]Colour in HTML[/fc]What you want to write here[/f]
Horizontal line [hr]
Images [img]URL of image[/img]
Italic Text [i] What you want to write here [/i]
Bold text [b] What you want to write here [/b]
Font size [fs]25[/fs] What you want to write in size 25[/f]
Image in background [background image=URL of image]
Link [url]link address[/url] or [url=link address] What you want to write here [/url]
BBCode below edited Sept 24, 2009. Verified to work in Uni 8,38,39,14,and others...
Image [img]url[/img]
Italics [i] This is written in italics [/i]
colored text [color='#FF0000']This is red text color[/color]  
colored text [color='red']This is red text color[/color]
underlined text [u] This is underlined text[/u]
strike through [s] This is strike through text[/s]
Font size [size=16]This is written in size 16[/size]
email [email][/email]
URL [url][/url]
hyper-linked text [url=] This is hyper-linked text[/url]
hyper-linked image [url=] [img]http://imageURL.png[/img][/url]
text background color [background color='red']this is red background color under text [/background]
image behind text [background image="url"]text[/background] has the same effect as "yes"
image behind text [background image="url" image-repeat='yes-x']insert text here[/background] repeated in all directions, "yes-x"
image behind text [background image="url" image-repeat='yes-y']insert text here[/background]        only repeat each other (line), "yes-y"
image behind text [background image="url" image-repeat='no']insert text here[/background] repetition of each other (column), "no "
image behind text [background image="url" image-repeat='yes']insert text here[/background] does not repeat

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